Online guitar lessons

Four years on from my launch date of January 30th, 2007, I am happy to announce that my internet guitar lessons are going strong, and there’s always room for interested students!

On this page, you will find all necessary information concerning: the lessons, dates and times I am available, cost, and the methods we will use to communicate via the internet.
Most people are used to learning in a half-hour lesson format. After 20 years of teaching guitar and music, I came to the conclusion that a half hour lesson does not enough time to review previous lesson material, and learn something new; two things I believe are absolutely necessary for your growth as a musician. In 2007, I decided to do hour only lessons, in the following two formats: 1 hour weekly (your date and time), or 1 hour every other week.
I am available on the following days: Monday-Thursday, at various times.
Cost per lesson is presently USD $60(*subject to change annually), payment for 1 month is required in advance of the first lesson. No exceptions. Payment will be accepted using any major credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.), electronic check/bank transfer, or PayPal.
Lessons will be given via webcam, from the following video instant messenging platforms: iChat(Mac), AIM or Skype. These platforms were chosen after careful review and several compatibility checks.
Webcam advice and IM format we’ll use

Most laptop computers come standard with webcameras nowadays, but in the event you do not have a computer with a webcamera installed may I suggest:

For PC users: I have seen even the cheapest webcams work pretty effectively, but would suggest checking out Logictech Prices range from $30-300.
For Mac users: I have heard that there are many compatible webcams for Mac as well, but my advice, get the best: iSight, which works best with iChat.

The IM format we will be using:
If you’re a Mac user, then we will be able to set up in iChat easily. We’ll swap screen names, and get started!
If you’re a PC user, you will need to download the latest version of AIM. Here’s a link to it:
Here are two links providing good support regarding getting optimum peformance: and also
Scroll to the middle on this one:
Once you’re set up, we’ll swap screen names, and get started!

The possibilities of technology and what we will cover in a lesson

With webcam AV (audio-visual) and IM (instant messenging) technology, I am able to provide the same things I normally would in a face to face lesson.

The following is a shortlist of key things I will be able to provide in every lesson:
1. With the webcamera, I will be able to hear and see you, and you will be able to hear and see me. The setting becomes live instantly.
2. Through IM, I will send you written examples of the material we cover during the lesson. I use the G7 and Guitar Pro transcription programs, and will be able to send you examples as .pdf files. In addition, I have an extensive library of sheet music and lesson plans I have developed over the years, to draw inspiration from.
3. I am able to record audio examples and send them to you as mp3 files, instantly over IM. Video recorded (webcam audio) examples will be available as well, for an extra fee (cost TBA).

What we will cover in a lesson:
As a guitar and music teacher for 25+ years, I have studied and performed a wide range of styles and subjects from which we can cover. You name a style, and I’ll cover it to the best of my ability. Subjects taught include theory/musicianship, songwriting/arranging, sight-reading and skill development, guitar techniques, all intertwined with studying your favorite artists and their music, set as examples. Together, we will set goals to develop all aspects of music you wish to learn, and I tailor the content of the lessons as you wish.
I look forward to teaching you in the near future !

– Steve

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